A moon-lit meander

-27°C, snow-covered fields and a full moon offer an idyllic and slightly rarer scene for making photographs. I initially wandered out to make a picture that I visualized when out walking the dogs a couple of days ago.

Right now, while the memory card is still being emptied and I am only relying on the glimpses I got from the camera LCD, I have no idea if what I visualized turned out or not. When I visualized the picture the light came from a totally different direction and height — and it was sunlight. I’m not sure when the moon would shine from a similar angle, but it won’t do it in this cycle. But I’ll just have to chalk this up as another lesson learned in visualizing and scouting the photographs I want to make.

Who knows, maybe later on when the melting snowbanks get lower my idea will have an even better chance of succeeding.

The lesson learned would have already made the walk well worth the effort, but I do think that I got my shot after wandering towards a stand of birch trees that I’ve shot more often than I’d care to count during our walks with the dogs. The show is published on my photoblog: Frost country 365/49.

And honestly, even though it feels quite bright out in the full moonlight with the snow reflecting the light, a graduated filter would have been useful in darkening the moon a bit.

And I finally understand why there are snowshoe accessories available for tripods.

Half an hour in the cold and even the gear is frosty.

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