Tarot @ Sotkamon Syke 2011

So, just when I though I’d get my pictures from Sotkamon Syke edited and published quickly, we start planning a trip to the US in late September throwing all of my internal scheduling ideas out of the window. And we did also spend several days cutting down trees in a forest. Firewood…

Anyway, on to the topic at hand, Tarot who were on the bill immediately after The Man-Eating Tree. This definitely isn’t the first time I’ve photographed Tarot and doing it this time didn’t offer any surprises.

As always, they performed a solid set and while the performance isn’t filled with huge special effects and dancing around the stage, they have good chemistry with each other and the audience.

Since they were on when daylight (even despite the rain/drizzle) was still strong enough, the light show didn’t really stand out in any of the images – except during the Pecu’s drum solo.

As always, more pictures are available in our gallery.

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