Insomnium @ Kerubi 4.11.2011

When Insomnium released their new album mid-October this year I finally woke up and listened to the semi-local band. And was immediately hooked. One video review that I’ve later watched even called their latest album, One for Sorrow, a gateway drug. Well, in my (or I should say our) case that definitely what it was.

As an interesting fact, I also realized that the surgeon who operated on my finger that I managed to damage a couple of years back is/was Insomnium’s second guitarist, Ville Vänni. I remember at the time, Anna and I were thinking that the surgeon definitely is a metal-head with the long hair and tattoos. Well, that mystery was finally solved.

This was also to be Ville Vänni’s second to last gig in the band – and his last gig in his hometown so expectations were high at least in the audience. Ville was greeted with shouts of his name throughout the gig. And honestly it felt like Ville played his heart out.

While lately Kerubi (and it’s predecessor Kellari) haven’t been really full in metal gigs, the place at least appeared packed to the limits. It was hot, loud, and even managed to have a small circle pit going on every now and then.

For a metal band the lights were surprisingly good. But for once, when I had fairly good lights there was a security person parked practically right in front of me, so many a good photograph has been left out. Although if you look through the gallery, you’ll see his head silhouetted in some photographs.

But the night was all we wanted it to be. An evening of good metal and headbanging with the chance to get some good photographs thrown in. Thank you Ville V. and good luck to Insomnium on their road to come.

As always, more pictures in our gallery.

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