Setting some goals for 2012

As hinted in my overview of last years images I’ve set some definite goals for myself this year. My goal is to finally transform my photography into a source of partial income and use that goal to challenge myself into learning new techniques and refining what I already know.

I have two broad goals that will take me in the direction I want,

  1. first, I’m following Glyn Dewis’ footsteps in committing to reading a photo book per month; and
  2. I’m participating in Don Giannatti’s Project52.

Don’s project will various themes forcing me took look more into what I want from my photography and learn how to plan and execute shoots. In addition to these two, I’m going to go through Strobist 101 and 102 during this spring.

These are the broad goals that I have. I know for certain that in reading a photo book per month I’ll be looking into furthering my vision (yes, I’m certain to have David duChemin on my reading list) as well as delving deeper into various tools. This means I’ll be cracking out various post-processing books with the goal of learning portrait retouching and compositing. Both of which are fields in which I have no skills whatsoever.

And because I’ve always felt that writing my thought processes and learning helps me, be prepared to see increased activity in this space. And if I stop writing quite so much, then you’ll know that I’ve dropped the ball ;)

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