Project52: Vision statement

So, the first assignment for the Don Giannatti’s Project52 was defining who I am by creating a vision statement and making a photograph that realizes my vision statement. The photograph was supposed to be taken at home or in my own yard and during the assignment period, so some limitations were set. Which was good, since it somewhat reduced the pressure in what should be created.

Although vision statements are not necessarily public, I don’t feel any need to hide mine. In fact, I feel that forcing myself to write it down in publishable format makes it a bit more real. And it forced me to spend a bit more time reflecting on it. So, here goes:

My work shows a glimpse into the character of my subject. It tells a story through the moods and atmosphere it invokes. The first sentence is what applies to my current work in photographing dogs, live music, and fire. It is a sign of a good action or unplanned shot. The second is where I am taking my photography in creating planned photographs.

Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky "Topi"

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