The Man-Eating Tree @ Kerubi 25.2.2012

The Man-Eating Tree visited Joensuu for the first time in their career in the end of February while touring the country with Swallow the Sun. I’d seen (and photographed) TMET already once before during the summer, and was looking forward to seeing them again. For those who don’t know, TMET is one of the several bands to host Sentenced alumni. They were on stage with a slightly altered line-up, with guitarist Miika Pesonen filling in for Janne Markus.

I was slightly worried about the size of the crowd when they started playing since obviously most of the StS fans weren’t in the venue yet, but during the set it started filling up quite well and the crowd warmed up to them quite well. Obviously, from listening to the crowd comments before the gig despite having well known alumni in the band, TMET itself is still relatively unknown even in metal circles.

Shooting the gig was slightly challenging since there was no photo-pit and I got a spot fairly far to stage left the angel of view of most of the band, and especially the stationary keyboardist Heidi Määttä, was quite limited. Luckily the rest moved around enough and came to pose in front of the camera for a time or two. The lighting was fairly good, especially considering that the music is atmospheric metal and the lighting for the most part reflected this.

As usual, more pictures in our photo gallery.

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