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While camera bags seem to be something that most active photographers collect more than enough of, I haven’t noticed that camera straps would be quite so addicting. In fact, many pros even seem to still have the default camera strap attached – if they have any.

For a long time I was a solid Op-Tech Super Pro Strap user, but walking around with it wasn’t the best available solution. So when Blackrapid came out I was fairly quick to order a Cargo with space for my phone and extra memory cards rolled in. While the Blackrapid works well and sees active use, there are many situations when I simply do not use a camera strap at all and just hand carry the camera. And although I have a wrist strap attached, my hand often does not go through the strap because of shooting ergonomics when switching to portrait mode.

So when I saw the CamCuff, I knew I had to have it. A stylish (at least for a metal-head) wrist strap that allows the secure attachment of a camera? I’m in. And honestly I am – I’m one of the backers signed up for the first version of the product, so expect a hands on review sometime in March – I hope. The company creating the strap doesn’t have a homepage yet, so you will have to visit their Facebook page instead.

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