flatcoated retriever silhoutted against the winter sun

Color and moods

flatcoated retriever silhoutted against the winter sun

When photographing the image shown yesterday in Life of Jalo the final image I saw in my mind was the one that was posted (also seen below). However, while editing and slightly fooling around I came across a cross-processing preset that looked interesting.

However I didn’t pursue editing it any further the other but continued late last night to edit another option with a very different mood of the exact same image. While the LoJ version of the image is purely warm with a strong sunset feel to it, the photo above includes both the coolness of wintery shade and the hint of warmth from the low midday sun. To honestly get the sunset warmth of the LoJ version we have to get quite a bit closer to summer for the sun to be higher up in the sky.

As an experiment on how simple processing and selecting the colors that are emphasized in a photograph this was quite successful. Honestly, I can’t even choose which version I like more.

And if you are interested in another take on the duality of winter coldness and the warmth of the sun, Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt also published a photograph yesterday with the same range of colors.

P.S. I’m not really satisfied with the lens flare in the photograph. I need to do some more testing with the lens to see what I can do about it. It just may be that I will find myself removing the UV filter from the lens.

flatcoated retriever silhuetted against the winter sun

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