two black flatcoated retrievers running in the snow


two black flatcoated retrievers running in the snow

There is really only one clear photographic resolution that I have in mind for the coming year and it is quite simple: be quick to tag, edit and prune photographs. I have just started tagging metadata to all of our photographs from last year. Trust me, there are many – slightly over 23 000. Of these almost 19 000 were untagged this morning.

The second part of the resolution means that I have to mark good shots somehow (Lightroom’s ratings anyone?) so that I can come back to them even if I don’t edit them immediately. And then, the most heart wrenching part of it all – deleting unwanted shots. Were are running out of storage space for our photographs at the moment. This means that there are 1.5TB of photographs that we have. Although I’m building a new server for our photographs with more storage space, the increasing file sizes and amount of photographs we do take means that more curating and pruning needs to be done.

We will see how it goes. Unfortunately I’m fairly certain that this time next year I’m going to be making exactly the same resolution…

Pictured above, Topi and Emil from a previously unpublished photograph from last January. At least this one was easy to tag. A single snow covered black dog sometimes takes some investigating before it can be tagged.

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