A fire truck from Chicago

The future of (photo)journalism?

A fire truck from Chicago

Lately I’ve encountered two excellent pieces of journalism that make me feel like there is a future visible ahead for good, in-depth journalism.

First is the GQ long form article on the wildfire that took the lives of 16 hot-shots last summer in Arizona. Even if you are not a fire-fighter, it is very much worth a read. And after seeing the damage caused by wildfires in the US and following them to see if road closures will force us to re-plan our road trip route I can respect the work that American fire fighters face in those conditions even more.

Second, a Finnish effort DocImages which produced their iPad application and the first piece of paid content for it. Read more about the effort and the first article available on the iPad in English and in Finnish. I love that I am able to choose if I am interested in enough in the new content to buy it for the price of a latte.

I am and have always been a fan of well-produced content that I can easily choose to pay for. I would have readily paid for the GQ article as well – at least if paying for it would be easy and simple. Say what you will of in-app purchases on iOS, but they do make the decision to buy something interesting quite easy to make and thus hopefully help in at least some extent on getting people to pay for content.

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