Sólstafir @ Kerubi 27.11.2018

Iceland’s atmospheric metallers (seems like most place call Sólstafir post-metal – what the hell is that?) came to Kerubi last fall and where the perfect ending for a fall of seeing Omnium Gatherum, Dark Tranquillity and Amorphis live in Baltimore MD and Zeal and Ardor live in Prague.

For me Sólstafir is one of those bands that I enjoy listening to in the background to give some atmosphere without having to focus too much in the music. Much like Swallow the Sun. Hallatar on the other hand is a bit too intense to just keep as background music.

Addi Tryggvason

The gig in Kerubi was excellent – the crowd was lively enough but also knew the band well enough that the spirit of the music was honored. Although there was an idiotic drunk that was even reprimanded from on stage until finally his friends dragged him further away from the stage. I suspect he wasn’t far from being thrown out…

Svabbi Austmann

Photographically the gig was fairly challenging. The first three songs from the pit were covered by strong colors without any white light. While more neutral white light did make an appearance later on in the show, the lights were quite nice and added to the feel. From a photographic standpoint a group of elderly fans in the audience with a large Icelandic flag were a good little detail – although much too hard to get in a good shot.

Addi Tryggvason and Icelandic flag

I really need a wider lens than the trusty 50mm for my 6D…

Pjúddi Sæþórsson

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