Mono: now I feel weird…

I finally installed Mono (C#). My reason why and some thoughts on Mono in general.

I’ve resisted installing Mono for a long time. The thought of .NET and C# has had me shivering, but finally an application made me install it. The application I wanted is Tomboy. A little application that sits in the Gnome panel and lets you take notes and create links between them. I just got it installed and I’m liking it already.

Before I switched offices, my desktop was littered with little post-it notes with arrows from one to another or logical grouping telling me which belonged together. Before my move I wrote them down as a list, 2.5 pages worth. And that was only for work. I’m hoping that Tomboy will fill that spot and let me make the notes on my computer and leave it at that. One more excuse less to use a pen. As if my handwriting would be getting any better.

But I still feel like I’ve sold my soul, or something similar. Or then I’ll begin to appreciate what it’s all about. Maybe hacking Tomboy to support the notes that my Nokia 6820 allows me to take will help in understanding Mono. Or not.

GPL palomiesystävällisesti

A firefighter friendly description of the GPL – in Finnish.

Tämän kirjoituksen tarkoituksena on antaa palomiesystävällinen käsitys siitä,
mitä GPL tarkoittaa yksittäisen tietokoneohjelman tapauksessa. GPLn alaisuudessa on julkaistu lukuisia jo hyvinkin laajassa käytössä olevia tietokoneohjelmia, tunnetuimpana näistä Linux. Kirjoitus perustuu Turre Legalin tekemään käännökseen. Englanninkielinen ja oikeudellisesti sitova kappale löytyy osoitteesta