Translating WordPress

Notes on translatin WordPress into Finnish. With several pleas for help!

I started translating WordPress into Finnish today. While the translation will probably be announced somewhere else at some point of time when it’s complete, I have to share some of the problems that arise when translating software. Not that they wouldn’t be all that novel to anyone who has more experience in software translations… What surprised me is that how much there is to translate in WP. Is there light at the end of the tunnel? I guess somewhere in the distance.

I will update the following list with problem spots as I encounter them. Please take a look and see if you can offer any suggestions.

Photoblog navigation

On how earlier discussions on photoblog navigation influenced some new functionality in the Life of Jalo.

Inspired by Dunstan’s post on photoblog navigation and the ensuing discussion, I made some changes to the way The Life of Jalo works. The code was uploaded sometime – much too late – last night, so if you frequent LoJ you might have already noticed them.

IE, floats and tables

Another bug in IE’s handling of floated content. This time with tables being the culprit. Naturally, a workaround is discussed.

Had an interesting morning fixing layout bugs in IE again. Yesterday, before I left work I fixed our intranet site to use floats instead of absolute positioning. IE had its own share of bugs, but that was to be expected.