Sabaton @ Kerubi 21.3.2015

An unexpected thing happened, and Sabaton sold out Kerubi about four months before their gig. I’m fairly certain that no band to date has sold out the venue that long before their gig, but luckily Anna and I managed to get tickets (thanks Hannes :) ). I was also able to get a photo pass for the gig. And it turned out that it was a good thing that I asked about the photo pass beforehand since contrary to most gigs at Kerubi, this time a photo pass was required to use a SLR, let alone get access to the photo pit.

Hannes Van Dahl

As someone who spends most of his time listening to either death metal or country (don’t even ask, I’m not sure how that happened), Sabaton is a bit out of my normal repertoire. But ever since Hannes left Evergrey and joined them, I’ve been keeping a closer eye and ear on the band.

Chris Rörland

Don’t get me wrong, as power metal goes Sabaton is a prime example and a very good representative of the genre. And they do make good workout music. But most power metal is simply too happy for my taste and the gloominess of melodic death speaks to me more. And I also have a problem with Sabaton’s lyrics. Mind you, the problem isn’t that I am in any way offended about their use of war in their lyrics but the fact that I start binge reading Wikipedia for the historical articles behind their lyrics destroying any productivity I may have had. And yes, it happened to me several times while editing these photographs.

Thobbe Englund

This was the second time we’ve seen Sabaton. The first time was when Hannes was still playing with Evergrey and both bands were touring the US. Pictures of Sabaton’s gig can be found in our old gallery. In fact, two of the photographs I took during that gig were printed and given to Joakim during this gig since they were something special that I’ve never seen in a metal gig so far.

Pär Sundström

This time around the years and hundreds of gigs that Sabaton has thrown showed. And the experience showed itself only in a good and positive way. I loved the way Joakim and the rest of the band interacted with the audience and goofed around with each other on stage. I have no idea how routine most of their tomfoolery is, but it was much appreciated.

Joakim Brodén

And I’m certain that Joensuu and Kerubi let Sabaton know that they are welcome in town again!

"Oh wow, my drumstick can fly."
“Oh wow, my drumstick can fly.”

Arch Enemy @ Kerubi 17.9.2014

Oh dear, it really has been about six months since Arch Enemy graced the stage of Kerubi. I didn’t try to get a photo-pass, but luckily there were no limitations to photography from the audience and I managed to get quite a good sample of photographs of the band amidst all the head-banging, jumping and singing along that I did.

Michael Amott & Alissa White-Gluz

Arch Enemy is a band that I’ve long liked for their melodies and guitar work, but have for some reason kept my distance to for a long time. Finally the previous album, Khaos Legions made me a convert and War Eternal has me hooked even more. And of course it helps that the band’s home town is basically our little Swedish import’s home town as well.

Alissa White-Gluz

I don’t know who was behind the lighting of the show, but it offered wonderfully many opportunities to take good silhouette photographs of Alissa against the lights. So many that I really can’t choose a favorite. But I do know that I’m a sucker for a good silhouette.

Alissa White-Gluz

Alissa White-Gluz

I must admit, getting the photo-pass to shoot Sabaton last weekend was the final catalyst to get these images edited and our for the world to see.

Flickr annoyances

First of all, let me start off with an alternate title for this post: Neil Creek hates me. At least it would’ve been a catchy and provocative title. But I seriously doubt that it’d be true.

Neil Creek did write a good post on 10 things he hates about Flickr (at its users). Go read it. Now. And please come back afterward.

I don’t really follow Flickr all that much. My feed reader has enough of stuff in it to prevent me from spending too much online time in it. I limit myself to a few contacts, and mainly the Strobist and Flatcoats pools. But even with these few exposures I’ve seen more than enough examples of what annoys Neil.

Alas, the same problems of one or two word comments appears in photoblogs, but at least most photoblog visitors are other photography enthusiasts so their commenting is a bit more than just the typical to word ‘great shot.’ All in all, I can’t help but agree with Neil’s comments of what bugs him.

The best part is, that when I started reading his post, I immediately started laughing. His first point is that he’s annoyed by heavy metal lyrics (and other prose) in the description of the image. I couldn’t agree more. Except, wait… I’m guilty of it myself.

But I do have a defense: My Valentine’s triptych (part 1, 2, and 3) has exactly that. Lyrics for You are the one by Sentenced (the name says it all, its a heavy metal band). Listening to the song at work a few days before this years Valentine’s Day caused me to rethink my gift ideas completely.

The first shot of the triptych is made because of the song, the second I’d just shot a few days earlier. And the third just fit (even though the quality of it isn’t as good as I’d like). I am hopelessly in love and can’t often find the words to convey my feelings. Often a song is much better in conveying my feelings. I’d also like to think that there would be a day when I could use my photography as a way of conveying my feelings instead of just reporting what I saw. But for now, the images and the accompanying lyrics serve a common purpose.

Note the use of made instead of shot when describing the first picture. Why the differing choice in words? Well, there’s a topic for a future post (especially after I track down the blogs that triggered the thought process in my mind).