A Swan and the Fire Department

Our Fire Inspector in Liperi is an active bird watcher and our resident bird expert. He is the one that takes care of most of the bird rescue calls we get and handles the care of the birds from there on. During Juhannus he got a call about a small swan chick that had been abandoned. He went to rescue it and has been taking care of the little fellow ever since.

A three week old swan chick

The chick has become attached to its care-takers and follows them around all the time. Today the chick came to visit us at work and kept me captivated for some time. Even at this young age its feathers are very water resistant and it keeps grooming itself to keep the feathers in good shape.

Unfortunately it’s already a week late in development and will be taken to a zoo for care for the rest of the summer and winter. Next spring it’ll be placed in a duck pond that migrating swans use and will have the chance to revert to natural life. If that doesn’t work out, it’ll be placed in the zoo permanently.

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