Suviseurat time-lapse – Day 1

This year’s Suviseurat (Summer services) will be held in the fields immediately surrounding our house. It is the main event of the year of the Finnish religious movement known as Conservative Laestodians. Around 70 000 people visit the event each year.

Today they started their volunteer work in building the area. The build-up will take about two months, with the event taking place during the first weekend of July. And then in several days they will tear the whole area down and the farmers can return them to fields. Some work already took place last fall when contractors worked on building some roads on the fields.

While the knowledge has filled us with a certain level of annoyance – after all it does create quite a disturbance in our life – it also provides opportunities. One of which is documenting the build-up and tear-down of the area as well as the event itself. Our house has a nice tower (we called it our traffic control tower), which offers fairly good views of the surrounding fields. So I set up our old 300D to take timed shots of the area. The camera is pointing fairly directly to NNE, so sun glare etc. shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Unfortunately the view towards the area where the big tent (seating 4200 people) will be is mainly blocked by some trees in our yard. But the current camera position will still be shooting the general direction of a fairly active area. Also, the camera is pointing fairly directly to NNE, so sun glare etc. shouldn’t be too much of a problem. And once the people and their motorhomes / trailers start arriving there will be plenty to see. The shot above is one of the first frames taken (FullHD version).

I’m planning on creating on time-lapse movie of it all, but just to practice the process and keep up timely updates on the whole project I will try to make weekly clips as well. And if nothing else happens, it will also document the progression of Finnish spring and summer, if nothing else.

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