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Zack Arias: We need to be about our work

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of how Zack Arias expresses many of his thoughts regarding photography and everything around it. Ever since his highly popular guest post/video on Scott Kelby’s blog, I’ve been following Zack’s own blog. Last week he wrote a blog post We need to be about our work criticizing one of many “follow these steps and you will be an instant photographer” programs.

Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky "Topi"

While I am not a pro (but have some thoughts of maybe being one in the future), I care about the craft behind photography and am generally appalled by the lack of interest in the craft of photography and the huge business of selling ready-made templates etc. for photographers to use in their own work. Sure, many of us are not graphic designers but if a photographer’s process is take picture following current trends, apply actions / presets in editing software, plop in ready-made design and sell to the client, I can’t see where the craft is in the process.

I have a long history of promoting web development and design as a craft and the same to me applies to photography. There are always various technical issues that need honing and betterment in each craftsman’s life, but in addition to the technical the craft should involve finding one’s own vision and style. We all start by emulating the works of others, there is nothing wrong with that but building a business on top of copying and emulating others does not take the craft any further.

But honestly, don’t just read what I’m saying. If you have any interest whatsoever in the craft of photography go and read Zack’s post. And after that, go and look at the excellent Q&A blog on Tumblr that he started to share his knowledge (in addition to what is already on his blog and in his training sessions). And honestly, listen to his critiques. They are insightful and hilarious at the same time.

Just be patient, keep on going. Transformation takes time and from what I’ve seen in my life it really is worth the wait. Zack Arias

P.S. And yes, the obligatory dog photo as the post image. It’s a part of my working on my craft and exploring how to use small strobes to overcome daylight with black dogs as the subject.

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