What bugs me with Nokia’s mobile browsers…

Oh boy! Work is busy and too many blogs have given me reason to comment…
Since bug fixing doesn’t appeal to me all that much right now, I’ll write
some commentary first. Dog wrote on testing CSS support in
mobile browsers, i.e. browsers that come with PDA’s or mobile phones. What he
wrote reminded me of the main gripe I have with
Nokia’s browsers. I try to create all of
my Websites/Web applications so that they follow the guidelines outlined
by TBL in
Cool URI’s don’t
. So, none of my
URI’s have an extension
in them (with the exception of this blog for now…) and the server
uses content negotiation to give the correct file type. Alas, Nokia’s browsers
do not support content negotiation at all, so none of my links work. Nokia,
please could you do something about this?

Has it frozen?

I’ve always thought that hell would freeze over before I’d have something positive to say about IE which at the same time is a lack in Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, Firefox, Galeon, Epiphany, etc.) But, here goes. The work website (still under development and not yet public) has a menu with lengthy titles. The problem is that Finnish, like many other languages, but unlike English, has long words with many characters. Trying to create a menu in the sidebar with limited space requires hyphenation even with small font sizes, let alone larger ones.

The HTML (4.01) and XHTML standards define the entity ­ (or ­) as a soft hyphen that may be used to give hyphenation hints to browsers. A nice solution to my problem, or so I thought. But, testing the solution with Firefox didn’t do a thing. I still had overflowing list items. But, surprise, surprise IE worked like a charm. Digging around the Mozilla Bugzilla led me to bug 9101 which quite clearly states that Gecko-based browsers completely ignore the soft hyphen. And the bug has been known for five years or so by now. I’m sorry to say, but even IE does it better.

IE is stupid

I had some odd layout problems with the menu of this site when I finally got around to testing it in IE. The following will give a brief look at what the problem was…

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Baah… Just when I had fixed a piece of my code to create nice looking lists – even when viewing the source – I
find out that such clean-up breaks IE5… Thanks Zeldman. Now back to fixing my code. I wonder where I could get a really old IE5 installation to play around with.