Titles as images

Ah, the seriocomic has finally come to his senses. No more graphical titles there, just plain text. I have always opposed text as images. I can understand that the title or logo of a site is an image, especially if coupled with modern image replacement techniques. But why do simple entries of a blog or article titles have to be images?

My main issue is simple. Since I started using the Web (ca. late 1994) most sites where text is replaced with images offer poor usability until all of the images load and are generally quite poorly ranked by search engines. Why worry about loading times in the day and age of DSL? Simply because techniques like GRPS and other mobile methods still have very limited speeds. And bandwidth costs in any case. Thank you Mike in taking a step towards a saner direction.

2 thoughts on “Titles as images

  1. Yes, I am like a magpie in some respects. Shiny fancy things intrigue me. Then logic and reasoning hits me in the back of the head like a hunk of wood.

    P.S. this layout is breaking in both firefox 0.8 (the little menu icons weren’t showing properly) and in IE (if you care) the body content is appearing below the menu and looks terrible. I can send screenshots if you want.

  2. I develop using FireFox… The menu icons don’t show up properly on the first load, a reload or visiting any other page fixes the problem. I’m trying to find a solution to it.

    I thought I fixed the problems with IE, seems like I have to go back to the drawing board again ;). Thanks!

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