Internet Explorer and Linux

I finally got around to installing IE on Linux. For geeks on how it’s done.

I finally had some time during the holidays to play around with Wine. I originally planned on installing Photoshop Elements to play around with it, but since it required an installation of Internet Explorer I decided to install it too. The Sidenet wine configuration utility was an invaluable help it did the job well after I updated my Wine install to the latest version (20041201).

Now I can finally debug websites under development with in IE without having to use another computer (i.e. Windows box) to run it. But it does feel somewhat odd to run IE on Linux, yet it’s also quite satisfying.

Running IE on Linux

P.S. When configuring font paths to get Photoshop to work, remember to check if the global preferences are being read as well. It may save you a day or two of debugging time. Sometimes I feel so stupid.

Update 14.4.2005: I tested installing multiple IE versions on Linux. Short version: it works.

7 thoughts on “Internet Explorer and Linux

  1. i need internet explorer to browse internet through linux platform. i check it for how does it work?

  2. I haven’t really tested IE on Linux to see if it really works as a full IE. I did test some IE only sites that work requires me to use and it worked OK on them. There were some problems but I didn’t really test to see if they were IE or just general network issues.

    Of course, as with everything, your mileage may vary.

  3. I use Linux for everything I do, but webcams, and Palm stuff. For these I use Windows 98 with deep freeze in place. I am completely paranoid as you can see about this Windows stuff. Well anyways about the last post,
    I quote:
    “I did test some IE only sites that work requires me to use”

    Have you every tryed to use Konqueror’s User Agent tag changing tool? That did the trick for me, it fools every site, including my own that it’s Internet Explorer running on Windows. I even created a test site for it too, I made a site that rejects IE users, and only allows Firefox lol. As I hope site do soon. As I am very scared to even enter an IE only site on windows, think of what exploits it could have in store, ever webpage should be compatible with every browser, even dillo, and lynx may I add.

  4. I did test the IE only sites with Firefox’s User Agent switcher extension. It lets me in the sites and allows most of the functionality, but some features – that are required – don’t work. I’m currently trying to contact the developers to inform them of my results.

  5. Anyone know how to get java to work with internet explorer for Linux?

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