Chocolate and chili

Where a new flavor of chocolate, chili chocolate, is tested.

We found a new flavor of chocolate in the store the other day. Fazer has published a small chocolate bar called Maya (direct linking impossible, go to products, brand = Fazer blue, chocolate countlines) which has corn flakes and chili in it. It’s an interesting taste. I’d say good, Anna still has practise that she needs. She only managed to eat 1.5 pieces. But it’s odd to eat hot chocolate (not in the drinkable sense but in the chili sense).

Fazer's new chili chocolate

2 thoughts on “Chocolate and chili

  1. delicious- I had a bar sent to me from a friend in Finland, and after one bite, I’m addicted! This is going up there on my list of “favorite eats”. Now I just have to figure out how to get my hands on some more.

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