Challenging myself

For a long time, my photography has mainly consisted of taking pictures of dogs. Mainly our own, but some others as well. I’ve spent lots of time following sites such as DPChallenge,, and various photoblogs and watched in awe the pictures others take. Often lamenting on why Finland doesn’t have interesting sites or views like those seen in the pictures.

But all of the books and guides I’ve read on photography have one guideline in common. You need to develop your own photographic eye. So, to challenge myself and help develop my photographic eye I’ve decided to start a photoblog with a very specific boundary: at the end of each day I’ll post a shot that I’ve taken that day. I won’t resort to archival shots or anything. This means that I’ll have to dig out the camera every day. Of course, there may be days when I’ll miss the days shot. Then I’ll just have to leave that day empty.

I’ll also try not to post too many shots of dogs. After all, the idea is to challenge myself photographically and taking normal action shots of our boys isn’t that much of a challenge any more. But there will be dogs here as well, especially of others’ dogs that I shoot in different situations.

P.S. I’m currently redesigning the layout of the blog so in the meantime the pictures I post may brake the layout. Sorry about that, you’ll just have to live with it. It also means that until the new design is up (which will reflect the photoblog portion) I won’t be advertising randomfire as a photoblog anywhere.

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