KuopioRock: Tarot

I’m posting my galleries from KuopioRock in a miscellanious order, since Tarot was the first band we saw. They were scheduled to start playing sometime after four, so having enough light to shoot them definitely wasn’t an issue.

Marco Hietala

This my second time shooting Tarot. The first was in a dark club, but the experience shooting them gave me a good feel for what to look for. Based on seeing Nightwish live (several times), I knew most of Marco Hietala’s mannerisms on stage.

Zachary Hietala

And of course the lead guitarist will take their own place in the spotlight as well. At least compared to Amorphis, Zachary is very lively when playing. What really surprised me the first time was how expressive Tommi Salmela’s face and body language was during his vocal parts.

Tommi Salmela

I started shooting in the pit and there didn’t seem to be a limit to how long we could shoot. After a few songs I decided to move back into the audience and find Anna and get some shots with the audience in them as well.

More pictures in our gallery.

Marco Hietala

Oh yeah, I also took a few shots of Apulanta between Poisonblack and Sonata Arctica. See the pictures in our gallery.

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