Poisonblack @ Kellari 23.10.2009

Well, the previous flurry of posts on the pictures I shot in KuopioRock was simply because there are several good concerts that are taking place around here in late-October and November and I wanted to clear my queue a bit… Last Friday Poisonblack played in Kellari.

Ville Laihiala

Seeing a band play on their own gig instead of a festival has always been more rewarding in my mind. Ususally the mix and crowd are much better, this time wasn’t any different. Although I must admit that when I first got to the venue 45 minutes before showtime, I wondered where all the people where. The club was almost empty – I even wondered if the previous night’s W.A.S.P. gig had taken its toll. Luckily the crowd started to slowly come in and by showtime there were enough people there to get a good atmosphere going.

Janne Markus & Ville Laihiala

On the shooting side, looking at the stage before the gig I was quite afraid. The dreadful lighting from KuopioRock was still fresh in my mind. With the setup of the lights it looked like another night of horrific backlight. After the gig I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of shots that had enough side- or toplight to light the performers – at least to some extent. I was even able to drop down from ISO1600 to ISO800, which on a 30D is an important drop.

Janne Markus & Ville Laihiala

I mainly shot the gig with my Tokina 11-16/2.8 since I was right in front of the stage. I was sandwiched in the crowd almost directly in front of the Antti Remes (the bass player), so most shots of Ville were from the side. The fact that Kellari’s stage is only 6m wide and 3m deep means that there wasn’t much moving around. Thus my shots of the rest of the band were fairly limited (and the lack of light didn’t really help).

Antti Remes

All in all it was a fun gig to see, mosh in, and shoot. But I still miss hearing certain Sentenced songs when listening to Ville’s voice.

More picture in our gallery.

Antti Remes

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