Viikate @ Kellari 14.11.2009

A couple of weeks ago Kellari had six bands performing during a mini-festival. We only went there to see two: Viikate and Amorphis (post and pictures coming later). The other bands weren’t that interesting and since they were using two stages it would have meant risking front row places if we’d seen some of the other bands.

Arvo Viikate, Ervo Viikate & Kaarle Viikate

Viikate is quite an interesting Finnish band. The base classification for their music is metal, but it has it’s own vibe to it. The vibe comes from the modernization of rautalanka-music with its melancholy lyrics (what Finnish music doesn’t have melancholy lyrics?). If Volbeat is at all familiar, you can think of the same effect that Volbeat has on rockabilly, Viikate has on rautalanka.

Kaarle Viikate

We originally got introduced to Viikate through their album of Christmas songs: Vuoden synkin juhla (The Gloomiest Holiday of the Year). It has cover versions of traditional, melancholy Christmas songs and some originals. And yes, it does play on our stereo around Christmas, just as do Raskasta Joulua and Twisted Sisters Christmas album. What can I say, it’s a metal household.

Ervo Viikate

The venue this time wasn’t really the basement stage of Kellari but the upstairs ballroom of Karjalantalo. It’s a place that has held many a dance and concert. Mostly though with bands playing either rautalanka or iskelmä. The velvet curtains surrounding the stage just added to Viikate’s charm.

The gig was extremely entertaining and in the front row the power of the guitars was so enjoyable. And watching two skilled guitarists play is always a treat.

Arvo Viikate & Kaarle Viikate

With the exlusion of the Finnish summer festivals outdoors, I couldn’t have hoped for better lighting. Their stage light was mostly white and thus gave plenty of opportunities for good shots. The only real issue I had with the gig was that my 28-75 is often a bit too long when in the front row in small venues. But the 11-16 is too wide. There’s a 12mm gap that needs filling ;)

As usual, more pictures in our gallery.

Kaarle Viikate

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