365… Should I?

I know, I already tried it once (or maybe twice?) before and didn’t get too far. But honestly, again I find myself wondering whether I should start a 365 project. This time the trigger was the Mostly365 site that Lisa Bettany started.

Now that I finally carry around a fairly decent camera all the time (the iPhone 4) it is conceivable that I could take a picture every day. At least something worth publishing somewhere. I’m certain that many of the images wouldn’t be worth publishing on shutterclicks, but putting them up in my Flickr stream would work. Honestly, I’d even have a start since I’ve got a few shots from yesterday in Seiska (the 7D).

Sure, it would be a challenge to take at least one picture each day. On the other hand, I could also start using my phone more to document possible ideas and such and post the ideas, locations, whatever raw and see if I ever get around to taking them any further. And honestly it could be refreshing to let go of some of my limitations.

Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a go… After all, what do I really have to lose?

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