Today was one of those days when leaving the camera inside would have been so easy. When I left our for my walk with the dogs it was around -8°C (16°F), mostly cloudy, and very windy with constant wind speeds of 12 m/s (27mph) and strong gusts. If it wouldn’t have been for the fact that the forecast promised some sun later and we needed some new images for Life of Jalo I wouldn’t have even considered taking it with me. And the fact that I’m really trying to complete a 365 project this year (I’ve only missed one day so far).

Because it was so windy and the wind was blowing the snow across the fields I set out with the express goal of trying to get a shot that really showed how windy it was. Even though I was ready to fall into despair during the first half of the walk where I didn’t really get anything decent, the latter half saved me.

It may have been the sun that decided to make a few appearances through the clouds, the difference in shooting directions, or just that fact that I’d had some time to hone my technique. Whatever it was, I got more pictures than what I could use in a single 365 picture or by posting another picture up on Shutterclicks. So, you get this blog post.

And in this case I must admit that these pictures were more than just shots. The more I think about my photography, the more I understand the difference between taking pictures (or shots) and making pictures. Making pictures requires some thought, a goal, a vision. This time I succeeded, often I don’t.

Naturally, there were more pictures of the dogs, but those I’ll save for Life of Jalo, just in case ;)

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