Reckless Love @ Kerubi 12.7.2011

As a prelude to this weekends rock festival in our area, the 40 year old Ilosaarirock we had three free evening dances that were organized at a local club. The first evening featured three bands and we only went to see the headliners, Reckless Love.

When the stage is set with a neon yellow (desert yellow was the official name IIRC) Ibanez RG in front of two Marshall half-stacks, you get a very good idea of what the music will be like. As soon as the playing starts and spandex-clad artists hit the stage, you’re taken back to 80s glam era. And not in a bad way. Reckless Love hits the same nerve as Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Mötley Crüe and the rest by offering light and fun hard rock and a great stage show.

Tuesday’s show didn’t disappoint at all and I finally got to see Pepe play his Ibanezes (sp?). And yes, we saw Olli perform more than one jump kick, alas I only caught one well enough.

If I’d been smart I would have requested a photopass to have access to the pit for the first three songs, but we got a good enough spot in front of Pepe.

Honestly, if you’ve ever liked even a bit of 80s era glam rock and find Reckless Love playing near you go see them. You won’t be disappointed I can guarantee a smile on your face when you leave the show. And most females will probably appreciate Olli’s sixpack as well :)

As always, more images in our photogallery.

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