It’s Getting Hot: Reckless Love @ Kerubi 7.10.2011

It was just a few months ago that we spent a nice summer evening with Reckless Love in the same venue. That time the gig was free and open to all ages – and it showed. We had a full (or nearly so) house and lots of teens. Now it was a normal gig with the age restriction of 18 and over. Alas, Joensuu should be ashamed since Kerubi was half empty.

Sure, Reckless Love may not be serious metal, but it doesn’t mean that metalheads shouldn’t be able to appreciate well done and happy glam metal. Or hair metal. Or hard rock. Or whatever other genre you want to drop Reckless Love in.

Like every other time, Olli didn’t fail to get in some jump kicks and get the female crowd screaming by tearing off his shirt. The rest of the band rocked a solid show as well.

And of course in my book everything is right in the world now that Pepe has an Ibanez RG shaped guitar in his hands. Especially in a bright neon color. No other guitar says 80s metal quite as well.

This time I’d placed myself dead center and thus didn’t get quite as good an angle on Pepe, but it meant that I got better pictures of Jalle and Hessu, so it a good tradeoff.

All in all, it was a great night filled with good rock and roll. Next up some gloomy melodic death metal once I get the images processed. But as always, more pictures are available in our gallery.

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