A flatcoated retriever silhouetted


A flatcoated retriever silhouetted

I photograhped the above photo of Topi (Miss Mallorys Third Time Lucky) based on an idea that I had that Anna then refined. Alas, my idea still needs to be shot but I now have to wait for the snow to melt before it can be attempted.

After taking the picture, I then noticed Glyn Dewis’ tutorial on creating a Bond-style gun barrel effect and thought to combine the two. As a walk-through of the tutorial the attempt worked fine, but honestly Topi’s picture isn’t quite good enough to easily get a clean separation of the silhouette and I don’t have a good metal texture to apply to the gun barrel part. So you will not get to see the end result. But it did get me to start thinking of setting up a rig for shooting on white seamless to get a good silhouette of a dog. And not just posing stacked…

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