A cyanotype of the super moon of 2013


A cyanotype of the super moon of 2013

I scoped out several potential spots to photograph the super moon and finally selected a ferry point with a good view to the south south-west and south. When the specified time for moonrise passed by and I didn’t see a moon anywhere, I started to get worried. Around the time when the moon was supposed to be at its largest it slowly started to appear through the haze.

super moon of 2013 rising above a lake

A few more photographs from the ferry point with a sunset colored moon and I decided to head home. On the opposite side of the horizon, we had a spectacular sunset going on. On the way home I noticed that the moon had risen high enough to get over the trees and made the leading image to the post. By staying home I would have avoided slipping on the rocks…

Super moon of 2013 rising above a lake

super moon of 2013 with people watching it from a ferry

spectacular sunset while the super moon was rising on the other side of the sky

P.S. The leading image was finalized in Silver Efex after work in Lightroom.

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