Be ready for new experiences…

I’m currently sitting on a commercial bus traveling from home to Helsinki – a six hour trip for those unfamiliar with Finnish geography (and the slowness of a bus compared to driving by myself). Why a bus? Because Onnibus actually manages to be cheaper than driving with a SUV by myself. Unlike the Finnish rail company VR…

Sure I’ve traveled by bus every now and then, but ever since I got my own car, most of my travel has either been by car or by airplane. With buses I’ve had a hate relationship ever since my grandmother and me traveled from Central Illinois to Montana when I was 11. Two nights and three days on Greyhound buses and in grimy bus terminals was not my idea of comfortable travel even then. And if possible I fit even worse in the bus seats now that I’m fully grown.

But the trip was in many ways memorable and has spawned tales and family sayings that still get actively used whenever we are on the road.

This time I’m traveling on my own to enjoy a birthday present from Anna tomorrow. More on that later. I promise this time my overlong hiatus from posting here will not last nearly eight months.

I have many post ideas in the pipeline, but have for some reason felt blocked from writing anything until I’d get my post on the conclusion of my first CrossFit open out. Well, I still haven’t managed to finish it and won’t wait to before posting more here.

And if nothing else, I have time on my hands while sitting in the bus…

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