Christmas songs…

Christmas songs with a twist for Finnish listeners. But not for the faint at heart…

Anna and I were wandering the aisles of a local eletronics store looking for a new scanner when we heard some interesting music coming from one of the speaker demos. After asking more than a few salesmen what record was playing, we found out it was Raskasta Joulua (in Finnish). The album has various Finnish metal artists (e.g. Marco Hietala of Nightwish and Tarot) singing new versions of classic Christmas songs. We recommend the album and note that it isn’t a tongue in cheek project.

In a similar, but slightly darker vein, Viikate has also published an album of Christmas songs, some classics and some of their own. Their album is titled Vuoden synkin juhla, the gloomiest holiday of the year. It does remind one of the darker side of the holiday season that is often forgotten.

To balance out our Christmas records we’d like to hear of any albums with rock or metal versions of English/American Christmas songs. They aren’t quite as dark, brooding, and melancholy as Finnish Christmas songs. After all, the holidays need some cheer in them as well.

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