Finnish TV preparing for the holiday season

Sometimes the black humour that Finns exhibit is quite odd. As is evident from the offerings of Finnish TV while waiting for the holidays.

I sometimes wonder how other nations see us Finns. After all, there aren’t many countries in the world where a major TV station would drop a popular soap opera in favor of a mini-series on a group of people trying to organize a group suicide. It’s scheduled to run on every weekday all through the last two weeks to christmas. Luckily it isn’t as macabre as it sounds. The mini-series is based the book Hurmaava joukkoitsemurha (charming group-suicide) by Arto Paasilinna, who is famous for his humorous approach. I don’t remember if it really ends with a group-suicide or not, but the book is certainly a funny read.

But we Finns are quite weird at times. And no, my christmas album recommendations are nothing out of the ordinary. They are quite normal. ;)

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