Crashing cars

On cars crashing in normal Finnish winter driving conditions and linkage to Seriocomic’s latest picture of a crash.

Seriocomic’s latest entry once again reminded me how much I’d like to be able to carry a camera around when responding to the calls we get. There are many accidents, fires, etc. that I’d love taking pictures of but can’t. The small point-and-shoot we have in our engine just doesn’t cut it. Luckily our captain just told me to get bids for digital cameras for all of our engines… Driving around in your own car must be fun when you can have your own camera with you. I’m jealous.

Why is it that people can’t seem to remember how to drive during the winter. In the last few weeks we’ve had some uncommonly strong snowstorms that have caused many fatal crashes. I can’t understand why drivers can’t take into consideration the simple fact that 10 cm of snow on the road means that it is slippery. Even youth and inexperience shouldn’t be an excuse since most allready have experience riding bicycles in the snow and on the ice.

And don’t get me started on the drivers in Southern Finland. In the news last night a garage owner down south (near Helsinki) said that drivers are surprised when they leave the larger, dry roads and enter smaller roads with snow and ice on them. This is Finland in the winter time we are talking about. Snow and ice are a part of normal winter driving conditions. Well, at least the garage owners are seeing Euro signs in their eyes.

And now it really is time to stop procrastinating and get back to finishing that EU report. Ugh.

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