All packed up and ready to go

and become feed. And I could probably wax poetic about the cycle of life in a continuation of the theme. But I guess I’ll just leave it at that.

We had a beautiful day of intermittent sunshine. Looking at the weather forecast, it might be the last bit of sunshine we get this week. Luckily work worked out so that I was able to come home early and continue working after our walk.

I have a love-ignore relationship with our 150mm prime. I love it’s bokeh and shallow DOF, but it is quite limiting when it comes to landscapes or even dogs. The 70-200 is a much better walk-around lens (lighter too), but there are still times when we go out with only the prime. It just needs more legwork.

Hmm… I almost categorized this shot under nature, but I guess urban is a more fitting category. After all, the subject is very much a human construct and a sign of urban productivity requirements.

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