In my overview of last year I noted that my aborted project 365 finally allowed me to explore using my iPhone in my photography. I’ve had a camera phone for quite afew yaers, but I never embraced shooting with any of them before the iPhone and I needed the push that a 365 gives to really embrace it.


This year I’ve used it more and more on the road simply because it really is always with me. And as Chase Jarvis says, the best camera is the one that is with you. I’m writing this while watching the live feed of creativeLIVE’s workshop on iPhoneography. If you are at all interested in using your iPhone for photography, then I really recommend the workshop. So far we’re three hours into the two day session and I’ve leaened quite a dew tricks and seen several beautiful images.

As has been stated in the workshop, 90% of the images shot today end up on the web and most modern camera phones have more than enough resolution to give you lots of room to crop. But with the growing sensor sizes printing is also a very alistic possibility. But as most people know, the old 3G’s camera is poor. Or so I thought.

Anna has been using my old 3G as her phone and has taken lots more pictures in over half a year than I did in two. But what really surprised me is the photobook Anna got from her parents for Christmas. During our trip to the US last autumn, Anna sent shots (at medium size) from both of our phones to her parents documenting our trip. What she got was a photobook of every single shot she sent. And I must admit, I was surprised at the quality of the pictures, especially the 3G shots.

And of course, we really can’t touch iPhoneography without discussing the sharing aspects. I must admit that Instagram, Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter all add to the appeal of shooting with a phone from which the images can be shared instantly. And of course, viewing others images is always inspiring.


Alas, due to me writing this post on the iPad means that I really don’t have many processed photos available, but I’ll update the post tomorrow with more examples of my iPhoneography.

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